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About Mandy       

You might know me from my guided masturbation site, or my cuckold site. I am a cuckold wife, who
enjoys kinky phone sex role play. My husband is a submissive, and I do enjoy the Money Mistress Lifestyle

I am happy to take your cash with a smile, If you offer it, it will be mine. I deserve it, you need to earn
it just for me. If you think I care if you have a second job in order to do this, I do care. Go and get one!

I like gifts, presents, and trinkets to brighten my day.

Visit my wishlist. Buy me something!

You will obey Ms. Mandy, I will own and control you and your wallet. It is now time to turn
your control over to me.

Are you a money slave, given to fantasies about financial domination?  If so, you need to spoil me now!

Worship me, I am going to weaken you.

You will be my puppet, and you will beg me to weaken you. You will lose all your power, as I become stronger!

You have no responsibility any longer, I make your decisions.

You are a loser, and need to prove that to me.

You are a piggie.

You will set up a payment schedule and tribute me accordingly.

No topping from the bottom, meaning that: you will Not tell me to blackmail you,
you will Not ask me to go into your account, you will give me willingly and submissively.